How Corona maybe changes events forever

Tokyo 2020 and its challenges

The virtual Austria House

  1. First and foremost, it was about giving our athletes an appropriate stage. The Paralympics are still not represented in the same way as the Olympic Games, at least in the Austria media. In this case, we saw the pandemic and the measures as an opportunity. With the virtual Austria House we were able to create a platform for our athletes on which they had the opportunity to present themselves and their achievements.
  2. The Austria House is financed entirely by sponsorship. Before the Corona crisis, various contracts had already been signed and funds already paid out. To prevent a reversal, our goal was to create a service package for our sponsors in the digital world. For companies, sporting events of this size are interesting because they can present themselves with absolute top performances and have the opportunity to address a new target group.
  3. For the media, the Austria House is a great place to meet the athletes away from the competition venue. This gives journalists a completely different perspective and offers athletes the opportunity to interact with media representatives in a relaxed atmosphere.

The implementation


Content Strategist

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Sophie Vesely

Sophie Vesely

Content Strategist

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